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Virtual Flowers

Welcome to Virtual Flowers. This website has been developed as a free resource to provide useful information for people growing flowers specifically in Australia.

Over the course of early 2007 we have been working hard on giving our website a new look and feel, as well as adding some cool new features to help all Australian gardeners. Some of our new features include a discussion forum where you can ask gardening questions and get answers from other gardeners, a 'Submit a Tip!' feature, which allows you to quickly and easily submit gardening tips to our website.

The site includes articles on flower growing, pictures of different varieties of flowers, links to related websites and more! If you have a contribution to make to the site, please feel free to contact us.

Because of the size of Australia, there are many different climates, and therefore many different species of flowering plants to choose from. It is important to choose an appropriate plant for your region. The articles on this website will help to guide you with your choice of plant.

As this site has grown, it has become apparent to us that there is a need for general gardening information, as well as flower specific info. With this in mind, we will continue to bring you new and interesting content on all aspects of gardening.

Growing flowers in Australia To help to continue to make this website a useful free tool for everyone to use, we encourage people to submit articles to us. We currently have articles being written by Australian gardening enthusiasts in most areas, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. If you are interested in writing an article for this website, please contact us.

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