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You are here: Annuals


This section is an A-Z guide of flowering annuals. Most annuals perform the best when positioned in complete sun.

You can find out more about the following annuals by clicking on their names.

Ageratum Clusters of fluffy blue flowers on neat, compact, low growing plants.
Alyssum Sweet smelling, fast growing, dwarf growing plants with clusters of tiny flowers.
Amaranthus Summer annual grown for its broad, brightly coloured leaves.
Aquilegia Dainty pastel coloured flowers on tall stems.
Aster Clusters of fluffy blue flowers on neat, compact, low growing plants.
Begonia Bedding begonias are neat, compact plants that prefer dappled shade but will adapt to full sun.
Bellis Perennis Low, neat, frost-hardy plants which produce masses of short stemmed pompom flowers.
Calendula Hardy and easy to grow, these vivid sun-loving annuals provide oranges and yellows in late winter and spring.
California Poppy Brightly coloured flowering annual that is heat and drought tolerant and thrives in hot, sunny positions.
Campanula There are numerous low growing perennial lilac-blue campanulas, but it is the taller growing biennial known as Canterbury Bells which is most commonly sold in seedling punnets.
Candytuft Compact, easily grown annuals that bear clusters of flowers on the ends of erect stems.
Carnations Carnations are perennials treated as annuals.
Celosia A plant for a hot spot, with feathery plumes and bright contrasting foliage.
Cineraria Colourful annuals with clusters of daisy-like flowers.
Coleus Brightly coloured foliage plants grown for their leaves that will brighten a shady spot.
Cornflower The old-fashioned cornflower bears deep blue long lasting ruffled flowers on tall stems, but it now comes in other colours too.
Cosmos Tall and free flowering with colourful daisy-like flowers and light green, feathery foliage, Cosmos make an excellent background plant in sunny borders.
Dahlia Bedding dahlias are tuberous plants which bear brightly coloured flowers for a long period.
Delphinium Tall, stately spikes of flowers in rich colours, delphiniums are perennials that flower in spring and if cut back may reflower in autumn.
Dianthus These dainty relatives of carnations are perennial but are best treated as an annual.
Forget-Me-Not These English flowers produce a profusion of tiny flowers which are traditionally blue with yellow centres, but there are now varieties in pink and white.
Foxglove Popular once more, Foxgloves produce tall spikes of striking bell-shaped flowers displayed against velvety foliage.
Gaillardia There are annual and perennial forms of Gaillardia, although perennials are usually best in a cool temperate climate.
Geranium The many different forms of geraniums have different growth habits, flower forms and colours and foliage colours.
Gerbera As these showy daisies are best grown in hot, sunny positions, gerberas are popular in tropical and subtropical locations.
Godetta Sun-loving annual with upright cup-shaped flowers that appear for a relatively short period at the end of spring, giving rise to its common name.
Gypsophilia The dainty flowered Gypsophila is commonly used in floral arrangements and is attractive grown in clumps in the garden.
Helichrysum Paper daisy, everlasting daisy, strawflower.
Impatiens Among the most popular, colourful and adaptable plants, impatiens flower for most of the year and can be planted in shady or sunny locations, in the garden, pots or hanging baskets.
Larkspur Daintier version of their relatives delphiniums, larkspur is a tall annual with stately spikes of pastel coloured flowers and feathery foliage.
Lavender There are about 30 species of lavender and many varieties and forms and all make lovely garden and potted plants.
Linaria Newly popular, these compact plants with spikes of tiny snapdragon-like flowers in delicate pastel colours and feathery foliage, are colourful annuals for the winter and spring garden.
Livingstone Daisy These succulent ground covers from South Africa are ideal for hot, dry spots and infertile soil.
Lobella Dwarf, free flowering, easily grown annuals.
Marigolds Vibrant summer flowering annuals that like frost-free warm sunny positions, regular watering and mulching.
Mimulus Colourful, short-lived plants with a dwarf, mounded habit which bear exotic specked funnel-shaped ëmonkey-facedí flowers.
Nasturtium Adaptable, colourful annuals that require little attention.
Nemesia Annual nemesia are free-flowering compact plants which produce a great variety of coloured flowers in late winter and spring.
Nicotiana Modern breeding has made these relatives of tobacco plants more compact.
Nigella With its delicate, feathery appearance, Nigella is a favourite for old-fashioned cottage gardens.
Pansy A long-time favourite, versatile pansies come in an ever-increasing range of colours to suit every garden and decorative need.
Petunia The most popular and one of the most colourful annuals for the Australian summer garden.
Phlox A long-time favourite, versatile pansies come in an ever-increasing range of colours to suit every garden and decorative need.
Polyanthus Polyanthus brighten the garden in winter and spring with their brilliant coloured flowers.
Poppy Poppies, with their delicate cup-shaped flowers on tall stems have increased in popularity as modern breeding brings us ever better varieties.
Portulaca These low growing fleshy annuals with their brilliantly coloured flowers which open in the sun and close in dull conditions should be grown where it is hot and dry.
Primula The delicate lacy whorls of primula have become a major component of the late winter and spring garden.
Primula Obconica Poppies, with their delicate cup-shaped flowers on tall stems have increased in popularity as modern breeding brings us ever better varieties.
Ranunculus These tuberous perennials are best grown as annuals and will perform in any climate but the tropical.
Rudbeckia These tough sun-loving plants with large daisy-like flowers for a long period are newly fashionable for their dramatic, bright colours.
Salpiglossis Tall growing annual with veined petunia-like trumpet shaped flowers. Not commonly grown.
Salvia The vibrant red flower spikes of scarlet sage, so loved by municipal gardeners, make a blaze of summer colour few other flowers can match.
Schizanthus Vibrant orchid-like flowers against soft, feathery foliage.
Shasta Daisy A versatile old favourite, Shasta daisies are herbaceous perennial plants that bear generous quantities of golden-centered white flowers in summer at the end of tall, erect stems.
Snapdragon A old fashioned flower experiencing a new wave of popularity with new breeding.
Statice The crepe paper-like trumpet shaped flowers of Statice are popular in cut flower arrangements.
Stock Spikes of highly fragrant pastel coloured flowers.
Sweet Pea Both climbing and dwarf varieties of these charming, sweetly fragrant, ever-popular spring flowers are available.
Sweet William Free flowering relative of carnations and dianthus, dainty Sweet Williams are compact bushy plants with masses of small flowers with a faint fragrance.
Verbena Free flowering, drought and heat tolerant, Verbena will perform well on most soils.
Vinca Heat and drought tolerant plants that make excellent ground cover in a well drained hot spot.
Viola Similar to pansies, violas are usually smaller and clear faced.
Wallflower An old time favourite spring flowering annual grown for their cheery colour range and sweet scent.
Zinnia With their big range of single and double flower forms and vivid colours, zinnias are summer flowering annuals for a hot spot.

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