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You are here: Articles > Growing Roses in Tubs

Growing Roses in Tubs or Pots

Some people find that growing roses in pots around the back yard is a great way to bring seasonal colour and fragrance into their outdoor living areas. Many people living in units or flats HAVE to grow their roses in pots, as they don't have any available garden space.

Potted roses AustraliaWhile all forms of roses can be grown in pots, there are some varieties that are much better suited to make a stunning show. Miniatures are great in pots and small tubs with a minimum diameter and depth of 25cm. Patio roses are really just small floribundas and need a pot of only 30cm.

Floribundas and hybrid tea types need even more root room and I would not look at any pot smaller than 60cm in height and width. When it comes to growing roses in tubs, you will find that the best varieties are the bushy compact ones. Avoid those described in catalogues as tall or upright as you will more than likely finish up with lots of stems and a few flowers up the top.

Standard or stem roses can be used with spectacular effect in tubs. Make sure they are well staked and have a nice heavy tub that adds stability so the wind doesnt blow the plant over.

One essential factor in growing plants in pots or tubs is using high quality potting mix. It needs to be free draining and needs to be able to hold moisture well so that it doesn't dry out excessively between watering. If you purchase a potting mix with the Australian Standards 'premium' logo you can rest assured that the mix will be suitable for your potted roses.

Try to steer clear of garden soil in pots, its one of the most common causes of failure in potted plants.

The one thing to remember when growing potted plants is that they will dry out twice as fast as plants in the ground. You need to work out how often to water your roses - nurseries water their plants up to four times daily. Try to water your potted roses before they start to wilt!

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