Top 4 benefits of YouTube marketing

You will be surprised to know that on average people spend about 40 minutes every time they visit Youtube. Within this time the viewers get exposed to lots of advertisements. For small businesses, YouTube marketing can be very effective. Here are the reasons why.

More reach

YouTube has billions of users and on they watch about five billion videos every day. So, by advertising on YouTube, you will be able to reach this vast audience very easily.


You can show ads to your targeted audiences. Depending on the type of content they look for, you can place the ad accordingly. For example, if you are selling chocolates, then whenever people view videos of food, recipes, etc., you can run your ad during that time.

Low cost

The cost of advertising on YouTube is very less. For example, you can run a video ad for only $0.10 to $0.30 for every view. So, if you have a low marketing budget, you should consider YouTube advertising.

Get measurable results

Using YouTube analytics you will be able to know how many people have clicked on your ad and viewed it; how many people skipped watching it, etc. This will give you an insight into your advertising campaign.

Viewers can share your ad on their social networks. This will create an opportunity for viral marketing. It is possible to reach lots of audiences with very low budget using YouTube marketing. As a small business owner, you should utilize this opportunity.

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